Celebrate Your Curves

My advice to aspiring plus size models? Celebrate your curves! The world of fashion is now embracing curvy, fuller, and bolder women. John Galliano, New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and other top designers have hired women with beautiful curves. No matter if you want to focus on print, commercial or ramp modelling, you do need to have certain traits such good skin, teeth, hair, and nails so make sure to take care of that. Eat healthy, avoid too much alcohol, and anything that can damage your health. More than anything though, you have to have confidence.

Confidence is the most beautiful accessory you can carry, so carry it well. How to build confidence? Well, I can throw some motivational talks about it but let me give you some practical tips instead. First, don’t let trends dictate what you wear. If you don’t feel comfortable and confident in something that is on trend, don’t force yourself to wear it. Fashion is meant to be self-expressive and about who you are as a person so always wear something that you are comfortable with. Next, wear heels to give yourself just that little bit of height and besides, wearing heels makes women stand up straight. Lastly, invest in good quality underwear. Not only it is comfortable, high-quality seamless underwear are skin-hugging, saves you penny in the long run, and most importantly can boost your confidence up.

if you are really serious about modelling, then the easiest and most affordable way is to submit your photos to online model scouting services that work with plus size modeling agencies. You don’t need to experience of do expensive photoshoot to create a portfolio, just professionalism, determination, and your X factor!